Curriculum Officer (Menlo Park School)

Academic Officer will be assigned to Menlo Park School, a formal school (equivalent to Junior High School and Senior High School) with IGCSE/A-Level Curriculum managed by Schoters.

Job Description:

  • Design the curriculum process in Menlo Park School (including but not limited to decide appropriate classes for students accordingly, create academic timeline for each students to achieve their goals of studying abroad, consolidate syllabus plan to respective teacher)
  • Execute teaching and learning activities according to the designated curriculum and supplementary academic activities (coordinating with teachers and school admin to ensure that teaching and learning activities run accordingly)
  • Reporting the analysis of the effectiveness of the curriculum process (including but not limited to student attainment, content being delivered by teachers, assessment being used, etc)
  • Manage academic learning tools and resources to be accessible at all times
  • Monitor and evaluate the overall curriculum execution and provide recommendation to school principal and related stakeholders to improve learning quality
  • Have acquired (up to date) the most recent trend in curriculum and learning development
  • Address parents’ concern and feedback related to curriculum and learning programs


  • Minimum obtained Bachelor degree (S1) in any major
  • Highly recommended to have minimum 6 months to 1 year of teaching experience
  • Highly recommended to have experience studying abroad and familiar with A level exam process and other standardised tests needed for study (University) Abroad
  • Highly recommended to have good comprehension in study abroad preparation
  • Have domain knowledge on respective subjects available in Menlo Park School and keen to learn the subjects
  • Have a good interpersonal and intra-personal communication skills
  • Able to work in a team and coordinating the team and series of meeting

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