Mobile App Developer (Android)


Job Descriptions:

  • Develop, improve, and publish high-quality native Android apps providing user-friendly, scalable, and innovative mobile experience.
  • Perform code reviews, write unit tests, and contribute your ideas to improve the quality of our Android codebase.
  • Own medium-to-high complexity of end-to-end development in native mobile app (Android) domain.
  • Predictable and reliable engineer to deliver product deliveries with technical excellence.
  • Responsible for doing any research needed as an enabler to achieve high-level quality of systems.
  • Within a cross-functional team, collaborate with other engineers specializing in backend services, web frontend, mobile apps, and test automation, as well as product design and ideation.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related fields, with minimum 2 years of relevant working experience.
  • Knowledge and experience in building user-centric native mobile apps.
  • Firm understanding of object-oriented concepts, design patterns, and design principles.
  • Solid knowledge about the diversity of Android device models.
  • Solid grasp of current Mobile Apps best practices. (e.g., in memory management, UI layout & rendering, or network performance).
  • Experienced with building production-quality native mobile app (Android) technology using Kotlin (or Java).
  • Experience in implementing modular Android applications is an advantage.
  • Having knowledge about native vs hybrid mobile applications is an advantage.

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